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In addition to the 8 Body Rituals and 2 Cure Treatments there are also 'single' massages available that can be preformed over a period of 30 or 60 minutes. This can be done manually (traditional by hand), with cups (cupping massage) or with a massage brush. On this page you can read for whom these treatments are suitable and what exactly can be chosen in a treatment. 

Suitable for?

Alle skin types and ages.

Please note, however, there are contraindications for some massages i.e. that in some cases a massage or a massage form isn't suitable. 

For example with; a hernia, cirrhosis of the liver, pregnancy, heart disease, cancer, uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood diseases, damaged open skin, diabetic 1, lack of energy, varicose veins, blood thinning-medication, phlebitis, rosacea & acne, kidney failure or permanent fillers are not alle massages that are listed below able. 

Beforehand during the intake we will discuss what is or isn't possible for your specific situation. 



The Bellabaci massage is an modernized and simplified version of the old traditional Chinese cupping therapy. 

With this massage we can work on cosmetic or therapeutic.

The Bellabaci massage is without bruises as with the traditional cupping therapy. 

If we let the cups 'rest' of course you will get a well known "Cup Kiss". This massage is done using Bellabaci medicinal silicon vacuum cups, by squeezing the middle of the cup and placing it on the skin it creates a vacuum in the cup when it's slowly released. By moving the cups in a certain order a new successful treatment has been developed. This treatment has a relaxing and healing effect. It loosens adhesions , it drains toxins and excess fluids and it brings oxygen-rich blood to the stagnating muscles and skin. This treatment can be integrated in many massages. 




Relaxing massage 30 min.

 Enjoy a relaxing massage of 30 minutes. During this massage one part can be focused on; back / head, shoulders, neck, / legs, buttocks, / arms, hands.

Relaxing massage 60 min. 

Enjoy a relaxing massage of 60 minutes. During this massage two parts can be focused on; back / head, shoulders, neck, / legs, buttocks, /arms, hands.

Massage brush

Of course you can also opt for a massage treatment with the massage brush, this brush provides a great blood circulation to the skin and it helps to relax adhesion and tense muscles. You can choose either a 30 or 60 minute variant where one or more parts can be massaged with the massage brush. The massage brush is especially suitable for back, legs, buttocks and arms. 

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