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Special Event Ritual

When we have a special event, we like to look perfect, but to do that, we need to pamper ourselves in a special way.

The ideal treatment to pamper the skin in a unique way is a GLOBAL RITUAL, which treats each area in a specific way to look radiant. Without forgetting the importance of relaxing and the feeling of well-being.


- Beautify the body (neck, chest, abdomen, legs, back, bottom and feet) in a global way.

- Exfoliate and intensely moisturize.

- Beautify and tone the figure.

- Repair, nourish, regenerate and revitalize the skin.

- Provide relaxing sensations to relieve stress.

Suitable for?

Suitable for?

All skin types and age.

Suitable for any age, at any time of year. Especially for brides and grooms, or people that want to prepare their skin for a special event.


Repaired, bright, pampered skin, that is full of life. Radiant.

Intense feeling of well-being.



Natural Peeling. The ultimate smart peeling. This products achieves a peelling recommended for perfect hygiene. It exerts an exfoliating action on three levels: the depest given by the lactic acid and a superficial effect given by salicylic acid.

Body S Solution. Concentrate formulated with Biogründl anticellulitic complex. It acts on the cellulitic nodules, causing a reduction in volume.It stimulates circulation, preventing the absorption of fat and sculpting the surface of the skin.

Body Moisturizing. Body cream with carrot oil base, with lots of beta carotene precursor of vitamin A. This vitamin in the skin is vital to prevent excessive keratinization (rough skin with the formation of scale) of the tissues. It also prevents dryness and hyperpigmentation (age spots). Use on all skin types. Unisex formula, for any age and season.

Thermo Active Mask. Anti-cellulite treatment. Formulated with Peel-Off technology. This anti-cellulite treatment reduces by favoring drainage and the elimination of toxins. The vasodilation and anti-cellulite effect caused by the thermal action, stimulates circulation and oxygen delivery which in turn accelerates the metabolism and chemical activity of fat tissue. It stimulates the lymphatic system, decreasing fluids, toxins and fat deposits.

Multibenefit 7 en 1. A rich combination of oils and butters derived from natural sustainable crops from the Amazon rainforest. They have been carefully selected to help regenerate and protect those areas of skin that need it most.

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