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Show off a glowing skin this Christmas

Bijgewerkt op: 14 dec. 2018

I have prepared an infallible 5 days beauty plan for you to get your skin ready to glow on this special occasion.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Most of us have a busy agenda by this time of the year. Christmas parties, family celebrations and events; not to mention the expected and special New Year’s Eve. For sure we all have arranged a very chic plan (that we’ve been contriving for a month) and we’ll definitely wear a gorgeous dress, that we won’t decide up untill the last moment as usual.

Children have their holiday vacation; at work we are rushing before our well-deserved days off arrive; the afternoons seem to be a marathon till we tick the last gift off our shopping list; and all the preparations in general will keep us stressed out at least until Christmas Eve.

So, given the circumstances, Christmas is a wonderful time but pretty stressful

Nevertheless, we love Christmas and we are looking forward to enjoying these nostalgic days. We can’t wait to binge eat and have so much fun, despite sleeping only a few hours a day. As if that was not enough, something that drives us crazy is to look perfect, showing no signs of tiredness and excesses on our faces. At Christmas, time for appointments and meetings, we like to look especially pretty and that everyone stares at us. New Year’s Eve is, above all, the night when our outfit should come along with a fresh, beautiful and jovial face. In a single word… PERFECT!

I stand with you, and I have prepared an infallible 5 days beauty plan for you to get your skin ready to glow on this special occasion.

A good cleanser is the key

The first thing you should know is that a proper skin cleansing routine is key to great skin, so don’t forget to cleanse the skin thoroughly every day in the morning and at night.

At Christmas time, we all wear makeup everywhere we go. Definitely, 3 in 1 DEEP CLEANSER becomes a must. It cleanses, removes make up and tones your skin in only one step. Easy and efficient! It provides a deep cleansing (removing even Waterproof makeup) at the same time that leaves your skin moisturised.

Impurities Removed

Start exfoliating your skin from today. As a shock effect, apply NATURAL PEELING every night and leave it on your face for 5 minutes (after Christmas, include it in your skincare routine two or three times a week).

CASMARA Natural Peeling is a chemical peel (nonabrasive and respectful of your skin). An intelligent and exclusive formulation that helps the skin to regenerate and correct imperfections. It softens wrinkles, spots and smoothes the texture of the skin absolutely.

We suggest you apply it all over the face with a gentle and deep massage…May the occasion of your outfit require it, you should not forget to apply Natural Peeling over your shoulders, neck and décolleté; It is an amazing product and results are visible from the first application.

The best ally for your skin, the serum!

Just in case you didn’t know, CASMARA serums have a high concentration of active ingredients, with light textures that guarantee an effective absorption and provide immediate visible results. This holiday season, the serum will be your ally and cannot be missing in your beauty routine. Our sneaky trick consists of mixing some serum drops with your daily moisturiser or nourishing face cream and thus intensify its effect.

On this occasion or every time you want to get an immediate recharge of vitality, we recommend LUXURY REVITALIZING SERUM. It is an oil free serum that contains vitamins and minerals and it’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. A boost of light, truly recommended to revitalise dull skin. With this combination of products, you will show off a flawless skin, totally ready to glow ever day of the Christmas season “marathon”.

The last night of the year

New Year’s Eve is a special night, a night that make us feel exceptional. To get the perfect skin, there is nothing better than Casmara’s Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask…Infallible! 

It is 100% worth visiting By Martine Sophia a professional beauty salon and let her pamper you in order to look flawless and rested.

Feel relaxed for a while because you deserve it…and enjoy one of Casmara’s stress-relieving and effective salon treatment that ends up with an ALGAE PEEL-OFF FACIAL MASK. The mask provides an immediate lifting effect and it is perfect for decongesting puffiness and dark circles at the same time that firms and tones the skin.

If you do not have much time, you can always choose an Express Treatment. It means a quick and intense session that also ends up applying an Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask.

Last but not least…Our sneaky tip?

Apply a HYAL COMPLEX ampoule before applying your foundation. It is a highly moisturizing flash-effect concentrate ampoule that gives you lots of hydration instantly. As a result, a replenished skin and a balanced makeup.

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