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How it starts

I am Martine Sophia Vos and graduated allround beauty specialist & international Cidesco beauty therapist. In addition, I have obtained many additional degrees during my studies, including: Make Up artist/ Stylist, Allround Nail Stylist and Wellness therapist.


By the end of 2013 I started my own salon "By Martine Sophia".


Independence. An important motivation for starting my own salon. By starting my own salon, I want to show people that there is so much more than a standard "facial" or a "manicure". There are so many opportunities to make you feel better and look better. This is something that motivates me and what I would like to show in my salon.


I am supported by a large circle of family & friends. They have helped me a lot during my education and will continue to do so during the startup of my salon. In addition, I may be able to excel the quality that I stand for and I think that is very important. Customers will discover what quality I offer and keep coming back for these qualities!

Alongside of this text you see a picture of me & my son! My motivation & strength.

Brazilian wax | Beauty treatment | Lashextensions 

Love, Martine Sophia

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