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On this page you will find all information about "Lashes" and the treatments 'By Martine Sophia' has to offer. 

Do you like natural lashes, but do you want them lifted of curled? The LashPerm/LashLift treatment is just the treatment you are looking for! Do you think your lashes are decreased, short or too thin? Maybe a lash extensions treatment is just what you are looking for.

There are several possibilities. Read on and discover what fits your wishes.   Wimperextensions | Schoonheidsbehandeling | Brazilian wax

Lashlift after BMS


LashPerm/LashLift technique

What is LashPerm / LashLift?

LashPerm / LashLift is similar to a LVL (Lash Volume Lift) treatment and is a natural eyelash treatment that lifts / curls the natural eyelashes. The eyelashes are lifted from the root, which is different from a regular eyelash perm. Whereupon the eyelashes are lifted 2-3 mm from the eyelid only. The eyelashes are lifted more than the regular eyelash perm, using rollers or clips. LashPerm / LashLift uses silicone shields, which uplift the eyelashes from the root and maintain this shape for a minimum of 6-9 weeks. For anyone who wants to pause a lash extension treatment, or no lash extensions treatment is possible, this is a suitable alternative. While maintaining your natural eyelashes, you'll have an eye-catcher within an hour. Mascara and an eyelash curtain are therefore unnecessary. LashPerm / LashLift is applicable to all eyelashes, both short and long eyelashes. With the LashPerm / LashLift technique, the eyelashes are curled to get a catchy look.

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